Friday, July 2, 2010


Slasher movies put me to sleep.
Blood and gore is all I need.
I notice that the full moon,
is always over-employed by: "Hollyweird".
Yeah, I love them Slashers.
They are soooooo, juvenile.
Horror-and-comedy, are the dynamic duo!
Put me to sleep, baby!
Throw in a dash of little sex, for good measure.
A nice Elvira or a little Vampira, is oh!, so fine!
Now you have it going on!
Mr. Hyde kills some innocent trollop.
No more Catholic guilt for me.
It's only tv.
My mind remains intact, really Sister Carmella!
It's only fantasy, that's a fact.
I must go now and sharpen my knife.
Upstairs, sleeps me lovely wife.
Don't worry, she ain't scared of me!
(this is all unreality...remember?)
Besides, next to her bed...
Is a recently severed head.
I won't mess with her,
'cause she won't purr.
"Here, kitty, kitty!
She's a mean cat,
with an AK-47, attack automatic!
I hope this is only a dream.
I start to scream!
This is not reality!
Somethings about to happen to me!
(gushy sounds in background).
Fade to black.

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