Thursday, July 29, 2010


she is a memory of some importance.
i saw her a few times,
and didn't think too much about her.
a guy has to be a schmuck,
to think about dating a stripper.
she like me...
i suppose.
i always gave her a nice tip.
pretty soon...
she started taking a bar stool,
next to mine,on her breaks.
we got to know each other.
she appeared to be a brunette,
but actually, after a while,
i discovered she was a strawberry blonde.
she told me other intimate things.
we started to develop a relationship.
i took her out to breakfast,
after her shift.
then i stopped seeing her.
it wasn't going to work.
a couple of years later,
i saw her in a nice club.
seems she was doing alright.
i took her out a few times,
then i "bailed" on her again.
i've known her for over ten years.
i see her sometimes.
we share a strange closeness.
a couple of years, ago...
she sent me an expensive watch.
it means a lot to me.
she is genuine.
she didn't want to change herself.
she didn't want to change me.
we endure.


  1. Yes, we endure! Really good story!!!

  2. worked my ass off felt story reflects the mood...Deb and I shopping for kitchen table and chairs, window treatments...I am! yah Debbie!