Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I sit and wait...
while my tires rotate.
The wheels in my mind, turn.
My belly churns, for lack of breakfast,
and too much coffee.
I think, "Don't forget to rotate the food items,
in the refrigerator.
I don't like curdled half-and-half,
in my morning coffee.
I won't rotate wives.
That is a young mans game.
The wife I have is just fine.
We have spent 30 years together...
without rotation.
I think I got the best part of the deal.
I rotated jobs, many times.
I worked for all kinds of construction companies.
I also had many garden variety, shitty jobs.
I told most of my bosses to "sit on it, and rotate!"...
or other nasty things, when they mistreated me.
Thank God, I was a union man.

I won't rotate my clothes for current styles.
I'm too practical, and too old.
My money is only spent on necessities.
I fear health care facilities that rotate...
underpaid nurses.
I'm glad the earth still rotates on its' axis.
It's better than spinning out of control.
How long will this last, I wonder?
No one knows.
Maybe God knows, if He, She, It, exists.
My mind rotates on varieties...
of these philisophical questions.
It's better that I rotate my thoughts,
to happy scenes in my head.
verdant green forests,
buxom beauties,
happy children,
baseball fields,
and hotdogs.
I always smile when my mind...
rotates toward blissful things.

Suddenly, I am startled by the mechanic!
He wakes me from my strange thoughts.
He says, "Your tires are rotated, sir."
I get up from my chair.
I look at the whopping bill.
I hand him my credit card.
I make a mental note.
"I need to rotate my choice...
of auto-care facilities."
I decide to use the restroom,
before I drive off.
Thankfully, it is a clean one.
I notice how the toilet paper roll...
rotates, as I pull off the sheets.
I get in my car, and my wheels rotate...
to my next destination.
I notice a school bus, filled with children.
Someday, they will be educated and rotated...
into new jobs, which are vacated by old farts.
I think of an old children's song.
"The wheels on the bus, go 'round and 'round,
all through the town."
All of life is rotation.

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  1. WOW!! Please continue to rotate me!!! Great work! xxoo