Monday, July 26, 2010


i lie in bed at night
and write;
moved by transient spirits,
i see a jumble of words.
they are pre-existing.
all ideas have been written before.
i never have had, an original thought.
i just recapitulate.
other ideas...
in (hopefully), novel ways.
i am a fraud,
a magician,
a flim-flam man.
don't trust me,
or any of my words.
don't trust my thoughts,
or your own, for that matter.
be wary.
measure words carefully.
but enjoy them.
learn from them.
they are our little treasures.
i won't sell out.
i won't write for pharmaceutical companies,
ladies underwear catalogue companies,
or ad agencies.
i won't tell you what beer to drink,
or what car to drive.
words are too valuable for that twaddle.
my little treasures are transitory.
they are shape-shifters.
they are ghosts.
they travel light-years,
if my mind is in sync with my heart.
so now i finish this little verse.
my eyes are heavy with sleep...
it's only moments away.
my hopes are to dream more little treasures...
and share them with you.


  1. My husband tells me my little treasures are as sharp as a knife!! LOL That was really cute! Yes, you will never sell out & that is what I really love the most about you! I cherish reading your work! xxoo

  2. thanks for the phone call are sweet!...Deb is aok...we are just getting older, and older and older!!...Kitchen and first floor of house is coming along...I do cabinet liners tomorrow, and throw out more garbage...sheesh!