Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i was walking down milwaukee avenue.
north side of chicago.
three punks were walking my way.
snow was on the ground.
they were drunk...
laughing, playing, being obnoxious.
i didn't like this scene.
it was late.
little traffic and no-one around.
i moved to the side,
to give them quick passage.
i gave them the right of way.
so this ball cap wearin',
pants hangin' offa his ass, kinda guy,
bumps into me...hard.
i grab him by his windpipe,
and ask him if he knows anything about:
simultaneously, i pulled my hand gun,
out of my leather jacket, and pointed it...
at the other two assholes.
one of them wet his pants.
it was freezing cold outside.
my mind flashed a thought.
i wondered if his pee-pee pants,
would freeze, before he got to where he was going.
i started laughing.
these "bad boys" must have thought i was insane.
they didn't know, RESPECT.
i eased my hand off the windpipe.
i gave him a quick jab.
i broke his nose.
i told them to get on their merry way.
i shot a round, over their heads.
they ran away, crying like little girls.
it's a good word.
think twice before...
you fool with an old man.

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