Sunday, July 25, 2010


i was mentally ill.
they yelled at me.
laughed at me.
made fun of my clothes.
they chased me home.
i was mentally ill.
why were they so mean?
i wouldn't hurt them...
if they were mentally ill.
life isn't fair.
life wasn't fair.
it probably won't be fair...
in the future.
i'm not mentally ill, now.
i'm told that:
"people look up to you."
somehow, i still feel...
like a strange one.
people tell me that...
i am "creative".
once you are older,
mentally ill, evolves into "creative".
i think they should have called me...
"creative", when i was younger.
then i wouldn't have gone through,
so much of life's shit.
if they call me mentally ill,
i can tell them to:
"go fuck yourself!"
sometimes life is backwards,
like me.


  1. That was fabulous!! I can relate far too well!! Now they say I am crazy, but I am a good crazy!! Whatever that is suppose to mean??? xxoo