Friday, July 30, 2010


I don't have time,
to worry about politics.
I have dirt underneath my fingernails.
I have to replace my sump pump.
I need to clean the slop,
that seeped into my basement,
from the last rain storm.
There are tires to be rotated.
Old flooring to be replaced.
My old house owns me.
So do my cars.
I don't hire out,
when I can fix it myself.
I'm getting too old for this crap.
But, old habits die hard.
"Suck it up old man",
I say to myself.
Work 'til you die...
just like my dad,
just like my brother.
All we have is our blue collar pride.
No whining allowed.
We carry on through...
bad tickers,
bad legs, and knees.
We work through the pain.
A man has to keep his self respect.
I won't go on the government dole.
Press on, you old fool!
Hold your head high.
There just ain't enough time,
to get it all done.
Retirement, my ass.
From birth to the grave,
I'll be a working man.
That's all I am.
It's all I'll ever be.
You know what?
It's enough for me.


  1. There is nothing foolish about you! It made me almost cry..... almost mind you!! You have your own color collar young man it isn't blue or white it's just pure colour!!!!!! Good work!! xxoo