Monday, July 26, 2010


i never qualified.
i still had the dream.
i finished five marathons,
in my life.
but i never made it to boston...
the runners' mecca.
i owed it to myself.
i drove the boston marathon route.
my friend paul was at the wheel.
me with camcorder in hand.
i cried real tears,
at the john kelly statue...
stationed right before heartbreak hill,
and wellesly college.
this is the 20 mile mark...
where your legs turn to jello,
and the hill looms large.
i remember the fatigue...
the gut-wrenching glories,
of days past.
i saw the citgo sign,
and fenway park.
the famous elliot hotel,
on the way to the pru-center...
and the finish line.
in grand "olde" boston.
city of charm,
city of dreams,
for old marathoners,
like me.

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