Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It was in the low 20's in Chicago this morning. I peered out my kitchen window at 6 a.m., and saw nothing but blackness. It feels and looks like Siberia. This is the tough time of the day. I pour a cup-o-joe, get into my Chicago Tribune, and finally mix up 60 grams of good quality whey protein in fat-free milk...This magic potion allows me to do "superman" feats in the gym.

Today is arms day...no...not Armistice Day...arms day! I remember to warm up. It's very important to warm up on cold days. (The memory of a torn bicep muscle, 2 years ago is still with me)...stopped my training for 2 months! I start out with concentration curls with heavy weight dumbells...sitting at the end of my bench. I move on to superset with tricep extensions, also heavy weight...after 3 sets of each I guzzle some vitamin water and hit standing hammer curls...Then the real fun and burn begins!...I do forty-five degree incline dumbell curls to exhaustion with itty-bitty 25 lb. dumbells...I do 'em slow and easy...a 3 count up and a 6 count down...I look in the mirror and see veins popping as I lower and raise the weight.

I thank my higher power for mirrors in the gym! I must remain humble with my narcissism. Now on to more compound movements in the back of the gym...All my friends of iron are there...They grunt and groan and say hello...It's another beautiful day!

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