Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I hate working my shoulders, probably because I should...They need widening and more muscle, so I must proceed with verve and extreme caution, because old warriors like me have arthritis and calcium deposits, and all other types of maladies brought on by weather, dampness, and wear-and-tear. I start my day with incline dumbell presses...3x9's with tinker toy 25 pounders...This gets me warmed up...I lower the bench to a flat position, and nail 3x8's with 45 pounders...Now I'm getting pumped, so I do standing military presses with 35 pounders to exhaustion...hmmmm...

i drink water...gotta' stay hydrated...I do stiff armed dumbell raises with 20 pounders..making sure my motion is nice and slow...shoulder level, no jerking...It ain't easy, folks!...I wander around in a daze and work my quads, calves, do rope pulldowns, decline crunchies, leg extensions, more hammer machine presses...and end up downstairs doing cross cable, free-for-all frenzy type stuff to finish.

I get my picture taken for a pre-supplement muscle site...(I am supposed to blow up like Charles Atlas in 8 weeks), then I proceed to the lounge where i ingest a Met-Rx bar loaded with 32 grams of protein...My wife is sitting there eating Cherios, and wondering how I can ingest this thing that tastes like a dog bisquit (to her).

I drink another bottle of water and cool down on the treadmill...I walk backwards, forwards, side-by-side, at a five-degree incline to loosen the legs...I know they will ache tomorrow...Quadricep work is brutal...I always do more than I should.

Anyhow, glad to be alive and old for another day! Debbie's birthday dinner was top-shelf last night, and my family had a good time...I love 'em all...See yah tomorrow!

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  1. I do a little gym work also, but not to such level. This is a nice interesting series of blogs, inspirational also. Well done.