Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Some bodybuilders, like me, are not lucky enough to have huge wrists and forearms...ergo the wrist wrap is an essential tool in the lifting of heavy weight. I use TKO brand boxer wraps which can be adjusted with nice little velcro strips...When they get smelly, you can toss them in the washing machine, and lay them on the top of the clothes dryer, and you are good to go the next day...I put on Harbinger leather lifting gloves, over the top of the wraps...The Harbinger's also have wrapping devices for better stabilization...Ocaisonally, during my workout, I loosen the straps and re-adjust them to stabilize my wrist, or loosen them for circulation purposes...I have to buy some wraps, that I can attach to barbells, and other equipment in the gym, so I can specialize to lift heavier weight. I have an arthritic left wrist from running and shifting bulldozers and end loaders all my life. I don't want the huge calcium deposit on my wrist or carpal tunnel to impede my progess...Lifters wrap with all kinds of things...I see guys using knee wraps all the time when they are doing squats...Squats and deadlifts are some of the best exercises, because they employ so many muscle groups...but beware of overstressing the lower back and knees...Make sure you use a whole range of motion with light weight, before you try those gargantuan lifts...No one expects you to be a hero in the gym...Injury makes you stay at home, so wrap up, dudes and dudettes!...See yah tommorow, healthy and strong!

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