Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yeah...but be careful. Today was my incline bench dumbell presses...flat dumbell bench presses...barbell bench presses, rope tucks, behind the neck pull downs...etc. etc. etcetera!

I was sore as hell yesterday, but took my glucosomine/chodroitin recovery formula, and most of it dissipated by this morning...BUT, I was still sore. Hmmmm. Now the question comes...Should I chance working out my sore shoulders?...sure!...I start out with 10 lbs. lighter, and do my repititions very slowly...Gradually, I worked up to weight that I am used to doing. By the end of my workout, my body is primed, and I am bombing once again.

The things to really watch for if you are overtraining are fitfull nights of sleep, where you keep waking up due to soreness, mild colds or fever, gnarly old-man-ness, where you are a bear at home, feelings of malaise or tiredness...You are cruisin' for a bruisin' when you keep working out hard if you display these conditions. Your body needs rest. Don't worry if you gain a couple of pounds by taking a day or two off. In fact, you may gain muscle size and strength when you come back.

The body needs sleep and good food to grow...Bomb on, men of iron, women of steel. Live to lift another day. Injuries can put you down for weeks or months, so don't get all obsessive/compulsive about this deal...Remember you can always work your abs, and do incline walks on the treadmill, while you listen to your favorite IPod tunes...Check out the eye candy, you might meet your dream date, or the date from hell! It's all up to you.

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