Saturday, January 21, 2012


Incline bench....3x12 with 25 lb. dumbells to warm up.
3x8 with 40 lb. dumbells at forty five degrees.
3x8 with 50 lb. dumblells at forty five degrees.
3x6 with 60 lb. dumbells with bench flat

Bench presses...3x12 with 150 lbs.

Incline bench press...3x12 with 90 lbs.

100 rope tucks with 130 lbs.
100 crunches on decline bench with 25 lb. weight cradled on chest, twisting torso.
100 ab crunches on ab chair with 70 lbs. on back
wide grip push downs with 45 lbs.

3x15 quad presses at 320lbs.
4x12 calve raises with 120 lbs.

incline treadmill cool down...intervals.
walk backwards, do side-by-sides at ten degrees...Immediatley ingest recovery fluids, eat a 32 gram protein bar...(Met-Rx), and take to Muscle-wiz branch amino capsules to make sure protein feeds the muscles....Now, on to grocery shopping and a huge lunch!...bon-appetite!

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