Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A couple of days ago, I met up with my friend John, in our gym...John is an old warrior, 69 years of age, stands all of 5'6", and is built like a brick shit house!...This guy was an iron worker all his life. He works out in Metallica or other terrifying type t-shirts, has leather wrist bands with skulls, blue jeans and motorcycle boots. He has long hair and a goatee, crystal clear blue eyes, and the demeanor and looks of Charlie Manson, without the swastika carved into his skull.

Most people are afraid of him, but he is a pussycat. He helps the clean-up lady, when her electrical extension cords for the vacuum cleaner get snagged on machines, and he is always willing to share knowledge about supplements and pumping iron.

I told him I was kinda' worried about my vocal cord checkup, 'cause I had cancer a couple of years ago...I went in today, and am clean now for over 2 years. He smiled at me and told me that he had a "little bit" of cancer in his lungs. Huh??? He made no big deal about it, and just went about his business of pumping 6 plates of 45 pounders for his bench press. He told me that the doc's wanted to see him in about a week.

John gave me a good kick of inspiration right in the seat of my pants...yeah man! Old warriors like John, keep going like the Energizer Bunny...They usually don't bitch and complain. Guys like him just deal with whatever life throws their way.

I like the "never give up" attitude. Every day is a challenge which has its' rewards, if you put out 100% effort. I imagine Jeff will be around for a long time. He's too tough to die "from a little lung cancer". If perchance he passes away, he told me he wants to be laid out in a muscle man t-shirt! I told him that the cancer might make his arms look too skinny. He told me, "There's always a taxidermist around to pump 'em up"!

You have to love his style.

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