Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sushine abounds this morning as I scrape off my windshield, shovel my driveway, and fire up for the gym...I enter at 8 a.m., and the holy place of iron is still relatively empty...except for a few hardcore plateheads. I go to the assisted dip chair, and do supersets of pull-ups, dips, and wide-grip pull-ups...

I see my arms and chest grow, and glisten with perspiration...Now is time to get serious...I sit and pull my own weight with cable pulleys...then pull down my whole weight with cable-lat, wide grip bar...I go to short grip and pull down some more...arggggh...this is good!

Off I go to the pec-rack and do 3 sets of 10 with 160 lbs...then do back flyes with 110...3 sets of 10...Then off to the Hammer/Smith machines for more back work...pulling, pulling, pulling...this is "pull" day.

Now that larger body parts are worked...I superset barbell curls with tricep extensions...then I do incline curls with 25 lb. dumbells to total exhaustion.
I finish off with tricep pulldowns with the rope and the close grip iron bar.

I do 20 minutes on the incline treadmill...dancing around to loosen my legs from yesterdays leg workout...My wife takes me grocery shopping, and I lug in bottles of water, propel vitamin drink, and bags of groceries for "Mongo"...need fuel for the week...

Now rest up and eat 6 meals with supplements, and "grow big" for another day...No rest on Sunday...Amen.

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