Thursday, September 23, 2010


What would I do, if I were blind?
Blindness frightens me.
I've been blind drunk, but that never scared me.
I did have an optic migraine once.
Lights were flashing in my peripheral vision.
That really scared me.
I thought I was having a stroke.
I was around 50 years old.
I was at work, loading trucks with a CAT endloader.
I thought it was the sun in my eyes.
It might have been the reflection on the tracks.
It didn't go away.
I had the foreman take me to the hospital.
Once there, they medical people put me in a tube, for an MRI.
Thankfully, everything checked out alright.
The flashes went away.
The hospital told me to make sure and see an Opthamologist.
I did. She checked me out.
She said, "Sometimes the optic nerve creates these migraines."
"Have you been under any undue stress, lately?"
"Well yes", I said. "My whole life has been stressful."
I imagined she might be referring me to a psychiatrist, next.
I left her office feeling relieved.
She found nothing physically wrong with my eyes.
I only had a few more episodes of flashing lights.
I suppose I calmed down, and my condition went away.
I think if I went blind, I would become a jazz pianist.
At least this activity would keep me busy, and give me hope.
It would be quite ironic, if I were to go deaf at the same time.
I have significant hearing loss, from running heavy equipment.
I also listened to too much loud, rock and roll.
There's always something to fear.
Life's a bitch, but there's always hope.
I'd still be able to pet a purring cat.
I'd be able to feel rain or sunshine on my face.
I'd be able to learn morse code, and braille, so I could read.
I'd still be able to smell good food in the oven.
Be grateful.
We are all blind at times.

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