Wednesday, September 15, 2010


There's just too much heartache in it,
watching the human drama unfold.
Beat-up, hundred-dollar cars I owned,
no insurance or brakes, driving in a foot of snow.
I lost the the last one, because of an accident.
I got sued, had to pay-off big time.
My rent was late, the jobs ain't there.
Then my unemployment ran out.
My wife left, and I ended up on the streets.
There ain't enough soup kitchens anymore, either.
People aren't donating food like they used to,
so we don't eat too well.
This summer was ok, but it was hot and rainy.
At least a man doesn't freeze in the summer.
Winter kills, but I wouldn't stay in a homeless shelter.
People have lice, and they steal from you.
It isn't safe there.
There's all this wailing, and laughing and fights.
People are insane. It's not for me.
The department stores used to let us sleep on the loading docks.
We were under Lower Wacker Drive.
We slept on the grates, and the heat from the garage kept us warm.
Now we can't do that anymore, because people have no place to urinate.
We leave a mess wherever we go. No portable toilets, no nuthin'.
I see more immigrants coming in now, from all over the world.
My slim chance for work is starting to look like no chance.
The boss men on Madison Street, only pay bottom dollar.
They know they have us by the short hairs.
Where the hell am I supposed to go now?
I suppose petty crime is the only way.
Drugs are too dangerous.
Sometimes jail looks better than freedom.
I never thought my life would turn out like this.
No-one ever does.

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  1. No-one ever does. The one thing we all share is hope. I have never looked at myself as someone better than a street person I may by chance meet. I always give them the time of day actually some I consider a friend. There is a very fine line between sane & insane.