Thursday, September 30, 2010


They told him that he had six months.
Stage IV Cancer.
He was a strong man.
Yet, he held me and cried.
I didn't know what to say.
What can a man say?
I loved him, so I cried with him.
He lasted six years.
He decided to fight his decrepitude.
He did all the research.
Called all the hospitals.
I did things for him, that he couldn't do for himself.
I took a share of his business affairs, to lighten his load.
I called him every day.
He often laughed.
He never gave up.
At the end, he suffered many humilitations.
His body finally denied him.
In fact, it insulted him.
He wouldn't talk to me, the last 2 weeks of his life.
I understood his message to me.
It was twofold.
He wanted me to remember his strengths, not his weaknesses.
He wanted to say goodbye.
He was my best friend.
He was my big brother.
Enter into that unknown realm, dear Jim.
I know you'll do your best.
When I meet you, I'll know what to say.


  1. I can only hope to be as close to my brothers one day as you were to yours. We take a risk in closeness because when they are gone it hurts! And when they suffer, you suffer. I honor your courage and commitment my friend!

  2. thank you Holly and Mike...You are truly dear friends...Rich