Friday, September 3, 2010


Sometimes, I get sick of hating, for no good reason.
I guess I've lost my youthful idealism.
I look at my old self, and then I am ashamed.
I don't know why I'm angry all the time.
I see the poor Arabs struggling.
Some are driving cabs, working in restaurants,
and convenience stores.
They are hated, and they are afraid.
These people are not terrorists.
They just came here to have a decent life.
Some were professors, doctors, professional people.
I see the Mexican laborers who cut my grass.
They work really hard.
Me, being a union man, should be proud of them.
They have no easy way.
Yet, I've never offered them a glass of water.
We used to do these things for the workers,
years ago.
Now, there is a pervasive, meanness in society.
Sometimes, I am a part of it.
When I am, I am not proud of myself.
My old prejudices, linger on.
The National news bombards my mind with fearful things.
I lash out because of it.
I no longer know, who the real enemy is.
Maybe the enemy is me.
I want to stop this, now!
All people deserve, love.
I hope it isn't in man's nature to be evil.
I'd like to think that all of us, are basically good.
We just need a common ground.
Things are really getting out of control.
I want to feel safe.
People come to this country to escape tyranny,
and evil.
Is it right to shut the door on them?
I don't know anymore.
We all fear for our standard of living.
I am selfish.
I want the American Dream for me,
not for some foriegner I do not understand.
A small part of my heart, knows this is not right.
I hope I face-up to the answers.
I want to love, and not hate anymore.

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