Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Imagine there's no heaven.
All you have to do is look at Mark David Chapman.
He murdered John Lennon, one of my favorite singers,
and composers. John died like a dog in the streets.
This event took place in 1980.
John was shot in front of his apartment,
in New York City.
The whole world was shocked, and saddened.
There may be a heaven, but their sure ain't no justice.
According to the New York City State Division of Paroles,
Chapman was just denied parole for the 6th time.
I can't dislike the fact that he has been incarcerated in Attica Prison,
for 30 years...but has he really suffered?
As I stare at Chapman's picture, he certainly looks well fed.
The taxpayers have fattened him up, pretty damned good!
He works in the prison library, and does some light housekeeping.
For the past 20 years, he has enjoyed conjugal visits,
from his wife, Gloria.
This maniac, even has his own private cell!
I wonder if the taxpayers bought him an Ipad, and a digital tv?
Today, when our country sees a National Debt, soaring out of control,
just think of the money that could have been saved, if the State of New York had put Mr. Chapman out of his misery, years ago.
$900,000 is my rough estimate...30 grand a year, for 30 years, to keep this animal, fat and happy.
This figure forces me to warm up to the idea of Capital Punishment.
How about you?
Yes, John Lennon...I imagine there's no heaven.
I miss you.
One thing for sure, I know there's no justice.


  1. They should have put that bastard up against a firing squad for the whole world to see the very next day! We have learned that life is short so.....let him and other like minded fools meet their maker a little ahead of schedule! mj

  2. totally agree, as you know...Hope you are fine and dandy...I am getting old...Napping every afternoon...WTF!!!