Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am very wealthy. I have a huge, home theatre in my mansion.
I must have all the latest and greatest, that modern, American,
media-technology, has to offer.
I recently purchased a 100", 3-D, television entertainment system.
It's resplendant with Bose, and Marshall integrated,
surround-sound, systems.
I bought ten pair of expensive 3-D glasses for my guests.
I entertain them on movie nights, once a week.
These affairs are catered, and my staff or servers
provide my dear friends with top-shelf cocktails,
and delicious snacks, throughout the showing of the movies.
I had a nagging problem I had to attend to, which bothered me.
Sometimes, there are more guests, than glasses.
Since I am class-conscious, I wanted to be fair to my "best" of friends.
When there are more than ten of them in attendance,
people who are less wealthy, aren't provided with 3-D glasses.
My decision sometimes ruffles some feathers,
but insures that I engender a competitive spirit, in the losers.
They have three choices: One...they can leave in a huff,
embarrassed by the fact that they are underachievers.
Two...They can stay and enjoy the movie, without the benefit of the 3-D glasses.
These types, flounder with their second-class status.
Or three...the best option, I think, they can make a decision,
to formulate a plan to make more money for the next year!
When I check their assets, they can claim victory,
and earn a pair of my precious, 3-D glasses.
These hardy individuals, are the finest examples of American Capitalism!
Bully for them!
Raise your popcorn containers high!

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