Saturday, September 4, 2010


Give it to me!
I want all of it.
Give me joy, and grief.
I want to feel every bit of it.
I need to run the full gamut of experiences.
I want to live this life.
I need to celebrate every victory,
and cry over every loss.
I want to fail, and fall,
and get up again, only to be knocked down.
I can take it.
I need the lowest, lows,
and the highest, highs.
The in-betweens aren't for me.
Give me colors and
sweet sounds.
I need sumptuous words,
sounding like lilting symphonies.
Carry me off to the clouds,
like an errant balloon.
This moment is the one I like,
the vagabond moment,
is the one that counts.
Don't give me the dried-up,
beef jerky of the past.
I don't want false promises of the future.
I'm here, now!
There are so many heroes to emulate.
So many legacies left by great artists,
scientists,poets, musicians, actors,
clowns, and scoundrels.
I love those who care not,
about leaving heavy footprints in the snow.
I want to join their ranks,
and be my own hero.
I'll never give up.
I'll keep doing what has to be done.
I love the daily grind,
the written word,
the laying of the paint on the naked canvas.
My countless numbers of daydreams,
my plans, my schemes, are what I am.
I'll take all of this life.
I won't blow my chance.
Come, let's dance.
We'll dance to this song of life.
Don't be a wallflower.
Get out of your seat.
Time is a wastin'.
Eat the peach of life.

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