Sunday, September 26, 2010


I still fondly remember Sundays at my mom and dad's house, in Chicago.
I'm thinking of the old days, in the late 50's through early 60's.
My family started out early in the morning.
We put on our Sunday best. Coats and ties for men and boys.
Pretty dresses, hats, and gloves, for girls.
We then drove to Mass, in my dad's big 1958, Pontiac.
Mom already had the roasts seasoned, and ready to pop in the oven.
After we got back home with the Sunday Chicago Tribune;
we all changed from our Sunday finery, into more comfortable clothes.
My sister, brother, and I set the table.
We washed the breakfast dishes, and joked around with each other.
Often, our aunts, uncles, and cousins showed up for a festive meal.
Our food was good, German-Polish, fare.
I remember delicious, huge amounts of Spare Ribs, and Sauerkraut, beef-and-pork roasts, homemade polish sausage, pierogi's, mashed potatoes-and-gravy, oxtail soup, wonderful salads, and cooked vegetables. Oh yes! The deserts! My mom always baked on Saturday nights, and we always had wonderful cakes, pies, and cookies.
Sunday was a day for the family. We shared the newspaper, watched sports, or old movies on tv, and drank Hamm's beer or pop. My mom and dad always let me have a little beer in a highball glass after our Sunday meal. I hated the bitterness of it, and everyone would laugh at the face I made, after I took a few sips. I guess since I was a pudgy little kid, I'd always opt for the second desert helping! Our whole extended family usually told stories of the Great Depression, or Europe, as told by my great grandparents. We were told how lucky we were, to live in such comfort. My family would laugh, sing, play cards and hug each other a lot. My aunties, uncles and the cousins usually left before the great, Sunday night, tv programs. My family always watched Walt Disney, The Ed Sullivan show, and Bonanza. We had a black-and-white tv set, with only three channels. In those days, children and parents watched tv together, as a family. The programs we watched were heartwarming, and spoke of love and family values. We were a simple, and hard-working family that shared much love. I miss my mom and dad. I miss my brother and sister. They all have died. I still have my memories of them and these wonderful Sundays. I feel blessed.

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  1. My favorite show back then was The Lone Ranger..."You wantum me teach gunman lesson?" "No Tonto, this is a case for a judge and jury to decide. We will let the law decide what to do with him! We may be in the wild west but we are not wild men!"