Thursday, September 9, 2010


I meet with her in a coffee shop.
We are in Europe, the Eastern Block.
She is young, recently divorced and unhappy.
More than anything else, she is intelligent, and beautiful.
She sees me as a father figure, a mentor, a gentleman.
I am no more to her, but maybe I am incorrect in this assumption.
We enjoy our conversation.
The coffee, the sights, the sounds, are all good.
I am happy in this moment.
I don't regret my age, and neither does she.
This was meant to be, as it is.
I do not do anything foolish.
I keep my libido in check.
We meet like this, to discuss Metaphysics.
I wonder if she longs to discuss more.
Will she hold my hand, or gaze into my eyes?
These questions bring me joy.
I vow to keep meeting her.
Mysteries may be revealed.
What is life without desire, imagination, and dreams?
Birth-and-death are merely bookends.
The in-betweens make everything interesting.
Age does not neccessarily deter meaningful connections.
So, I wait.
I am a voyeur, in these European coffee shops.
I watch old men with nicotine-stained fingers,
bring dainty cups to cracked lips.
Those aged lips still have the facility,
to kiss the petals of red roses.
These flowers, tenderly grown,
are hand-picked for pleasure.
The "aesthete" in me, celebrates this ritual.
The "wise old man in me" shouts out:
"Watch for the thorns."
I sip the last of my coffee.
I watch her lithe body, as she walks to the door.
She smiles her gentle smile,
and waves to me as she leaves.
She is as lovely as a painting.
Her blonde hair is bathed in sunlight, like goldenrod.
I am happy for this day.


  1. You are a master crafter my friend! I, on the other hand, with appendage enveloped, am master of my own domain.....oh no...this has not turned out as intended! are a beautiful writer.....I hope one day to be as honest as you....wait a minute, I just killed an innocent gnat by clapping my hands...what good are they anyway?

  2. WOW,Rich, how wonderful....our mind can be sometimes.I enjoy your writing soooo much.

  3. thanks mike and wanda!...working on editing my next book...about half way...should publish this winter...a lazy this weather...I will see you on monday, mike...have an appt. with the tooth yanker!...ouch!