Saturday, September 25, 2010


I live in the weak and the wounded.
I have no mercy on them.
I am an all-consuming entity.
I invade anyone, at anytime, anywhere.
I have taken the strongest of men down.
I turn them into sniveling cowards.
I take the rich, the poor, male or female.
I am called by many names.
I've existed since the dawn of mankind.
I've afflicted paupers, and kings, sages, and fools.
They all were powerless against me.
I have invaded those of great intellect.
I also torture those, who lack sufficient knowledge.
I will exist until the last of humankind, draws breath.
I will pick and choose who I want.
Open your mind to me.
Invite me in.
Accept my perversion.
Allow yourself to be ruled by my ways.
Refuse all help.
Accept me as your God.
I will show you strange, wonderful things.
You will laugh, and you will cry.
You might shriek with terror.
My influence has no bounds.
My name is: Madness.


  1. thank you, Mr. Mike!...gonna stop by the shop this week. I've been super busy!...your pal, Rich