Saturday, September 18, 2010


let's make love for each other, not to each other.
I promise to be your one, and only.
the minute i saw you, i knew you were the man for me.
then you proved it, with your loving ways.
i'd die for you, you know.
i love you so much, i can't stand it when we're apart.
i just want you, and only you!
promise me, you'll always be mine.
promise me, you'll want no-one else.
now, make sweet love to me, baby!
ooooh....just like that!
you are the best, you know!
did you leave the hundred-bucks on my dressser?
that's my good boy.
see you next week!
he smiles contentedly, as he leaves.
she waves goodbye as she thinks,
"what an asshole."


  1. Love has consequences! It creates slaves!

  2. tell me about it!...shhhh!...don't tell debbie!

  3. LMAO!!!!!! Power is a beautiful thing! See I rather be in control just can't seem to trust love no matter how hard I try. I'm always looking for that dark shadow thinking if I don't totally give of myself I won't get hurt by that dark shadow. I want to love I want to love so badly, but I just keep holding back never really letting go. What does love got to do with it? I rather take the $1000 bucks and go. Sorry, Richard a $100 aint gonna cut it!