Friday, October 1, 2010


After 9 months of staying in this lovely resort,
my life of leisure comes to an abrupt end.
No more steady food from the umbilical cord.
No more floating in amniotic fluid.
No more "universal mind", or the joys of cosmic consciousness.
For the first time, I feel pain.
I am being squeezed through a dark tunnel.
A big set of hands is squeezing my head.
I am forcibly yanked into an alien world.
The white coats cut my food tube, and slap me on my ass!
I frighten myself with shrieking sounds.
They are coming from me!
I didn't know I was possessed by this demon!
They snip my little weiner!
This is humiliating and painful.
I hope they don't kill me.
I am put on my mother's breast.
She puts this big pink thing in my mouth.
I start sucking.
Hey!...This ain't too bad!
It tastes yummy.
I'm more relaxed now.
Some warm stuff keeps coming out of me.
At least it doesn't hurt me.
I see other "things" walking around.
They have bumps on their chests.
I wonder if I can suck on their pink things, too?
They sure smell good!
It's getting better out here now.
I feel nice and warm.
I think I'll take a nap.
The human comedy perpetuates itself,
down through generations.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder what the next world will feel like? Will we have feelings? Feelings are what screws us humans up! "Whoa...whoa...whoa feeeeeeeeelings!" Maybe heaven is just the joyous feelings and hell is an eternity of bad feelings? Like having eternal constipation....ouch!