Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My daughter is a hardy flower.
She bends, but does not break in the wind.
She has endured long winters.
The skies have cried their tears on her.
She endured.
She carried on, because of her light.
She burns a heart light so strong.
Undiscovered in early youth.
It remained.
The flower grew.
The petals gained color.
the stalk of her, grew strong.
She raised her arms to God.
She celebrated her uniqueness.
She loved, and was loved.
She learned acceptance.
She forgave.
She still loves.
She is the flesh of my flesh.
My daughter.
My faith.
My hope.
My dream come true.


  1. OH Rich, this is sooo beautiful! It spoke directly to my heart, as I have three daughters of my own -- each very unique and not at all like their sisters (different "flowers," if you will, that have withered, bloomed, bent and broke with the harsh winds, and have done so many other astonishing things with their lives -- I am in awe!) Thank you for this. I would like to share this poem of yours with them, if I may???

    Michelle Young

  2. thank you Michelle...Please share...I love my kid...She is teaching 4th graders in the inner city of Chicago. She is a living miracle. We are blessed...Rich