Saturday, October 16, 2010


There are children who raise other children.
They drag drunken or drug addicted parents home.
The kids don't place any blame on them.
They make sure they are fed and then put them to bed.
They brush their teeth, and keep their houses clean.
These brave children have skills and chops.
They are warriors.
There are men and women who work two-or-three thankless jobs.
They work seven days a week.
They take their families to church every Sunday.
They make sure their kids are clean.
They put up with insults and denigration.
They are warriors.
There are those who never quit.
They face ridicule and laugher.
They never give up on their dreams.
They are told they will never amount to anything.
They press on.
They don't care about money or fame.
It is the work that counts.
They are the warriors.
Warriors become their own heroes.
They are heroes out of neccessity.
They have will to survive.
They have the will to strive.
They have will to live.
And live they do.
They live with honor and self-esteem.
These are the warriors.
This is their credo.

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