Monday, October 25, 2010


These grim nights disturb me.
Wayward youths have too much time.
They roam the streets.
There's a new meanness to it all.
What have we spawned?
We didn't teach them well enough.
We were selfish in our ways.
We blew it.
We were going to save the world.
We couldn't save ourselves.
We couldn't save our children.
Maybe I'm too cynical.
Was I like this in my youth?
It seems the new breed of youth,
have taken meanness to a new level.
It's harder.
It's more horrific.
It's faster.
It's sexier.
It's kinkier.
It's more brutal.
It's caused by the world we left them.
It's a cesspool of a place.
All the heroes are gone.
The monsters have come out.
No longer underneath the bed,
they rule supreme.
They haunt us.
They lie.
They cheat.
They steal.
They murder.
They are us.
Our families.
Our children.
Our country.
The world.
It's a meaner place.


  1. Holy shit! That was powerful!! Awesome work! I wonder sometimes if I am just getting too old to remember, but I truly do agree we have taken it to the extreme. Satan is ruling now & he couldn't be happier. I will do everything in my power to help in whatever little way I can make it a better world for the little one's! God be with us all. This world is crazy!!!!!


    The earth was still
    No wind, no clouds
    The Sun at high noon
    All day and year round
    A perfect 76 degrees
    No humidity
    A distant scent of pine
    Waves gently lapping shores
    The stars still visible
    In the deep blue sky
    Eagles soaring miles above
    The Bees, mosquitoes and flies
    Have disappeared, and so has mankind
    You are alone with God
    And he is kind

  3. Nice work.
    Very powerful...and timely.