Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've got to look this life square in the eye.
Sometimes, I double down.
It's in my nature.
I'm a gambling man.
I like spinning the wheel.
I know the house owns the odds.
I don't care.
Neither should you.
We're only out on bail.
We've got nothing to lose.
Our sentences must be served.
So roll 'em, baby!
We might just beat the odds.
We won't walk that straight line.
There's no living in that.
My life needs the adrenaline rush.
The reaper comes all too soon.
So roll on, big mama.
Let the cards fall where they may.
Get out of the station wagon.
Jump onto my Harley.
Throw your helmut away.
Roll my way.
Be free today.
I lay my soul down to bleed.
So jump on with me.
Be with my steel Sally and me.
We'll ride this ride together.
For all eternity.
Roll on big mama.
Roll the dice with me.

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