Saturday, October 9, 2010


This balmy Saturday afternoon, was made for romance.
You told me you loved my eyes.
I put my arm around you as you read your book.
You laughed, and read me sentences which amused you.
I brushed your hair, because you enjoy the pampering.
You made me sweet tea, with too much sugar.
You know me well, my love.
As the sun fell in the west, we held hands.
We waited for the stars.
Nothing has dimmed for us.
All our joys proclaim that we have just met.
We know this isn't true, but we choose not to believe it.
It is not the same, because it has grown better.
Our love is strong, my love.
I will hold you in my arms tonight.
I have done this a hundred-thousand times.
What a glorious number.
This night is the best of them.
I feel the cool breeze, coming from the west.
I see you smiling, as your breath grows heavy.
I close my eyes, then open them again.
You ask me if I am still looking at you.
You know me well, my love.


  1. That's beautiful Rich....too bad for me, it only happens in the movies or books or a Cronborg blog! Wa..wa..waaaaaa...... ok so....yes, I am that baby Robin!

  2. it always happens when you least expect it, Mike!