Monday, October 11, 2010


Sometimes the meanness breaks into me.
It crawls inside of my brain.
I pull inside of myself.
I isolate.
There's no sense to all of this.
Everything comes at me too quickly.
I'm a supersonic speed freak.
I want to run away and hide.
I hate information overload.
Perceptions become blurry.
Things get less real.
Truth disappears.
Belief systems crash.
People seem evil.
Chemical alternatives are pointless.
There is no release from the "truth".
I suppose it's more honest this way.
I hear heavy metal, when I am like this.
Rotten thoughts consume me like a worm.
It's morbid.
Its been a bad night of:
Fast-food commercials.
Horror movies.
There are cold winds in my future.
It's freaky.


  1. yeah..must have ate a bad burrito, Mike!...I am making an effort to lighten up the blogs for tomorrow!