Saturday, October 2, 2010


Let's go out and take no prisoners.
Let's throw off the shackles of the past!
Let's make love, and drink some beers.
We gotta' make it last.
We'll dance to beautiful music.
Never-ending nights, we'll live.
Let's go out and take no prisoners.
Flowers and rubies we must give,
to dirty Gypsies, and Nihilists.
We'll laugh at them, as they wave their fists.
Let's just do, what we're doing now.
Let's celebrate and howl!
Come run with me in golden fields,
with reckless abandon.
We'll take no prisoners.
We'll watch the darkness come.
Home is anywhere we want it to be.
Anywhere our love is free.
No rogue waves, will capsize our love.
Look at the Northern Lights eat up the gray.
Make diamonds in the sky with me, my love.
We luxuriate in our wild ride.
We keep our hearts on the outside,
so they can see more light.
We take no prisoners.

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