Thursday, October 21, 2010


Some things are so rotten,
they get into my mind.
That's why I keep moving.
Inertia is the key.
Keep moving or die.
Don't stay in one place.
The evil is out there.
It's inside of me, as well.
I deny it.
I keep on running.
Maybe it won't catch up to me.
I lie to myself,
like all of humanity.
Sickness, madness, and death is omnipotent.
The big three, they are the Holy Trinity of reality.
They wait for me.
They wait for all of us.
I keep on moving.
I dodge, bob and weave.
I am a prize fighter.
When I'm on the move, I have good footwork.
There's no round heels for me in this travesty.
I go down for the count, anyway.
It's my fate.
There's inertia.
Then lights out.


  1. Keep running are a marathon man...keep running...ooops...a sprained ankle you say? Well.... get a cain I mean a cane.... are you able? Get up and finish the race! Man up! Man up! Good thing you are not in the jungle! Keep going Rich....stay ahead of the Jackals! And when you get to the end of the line, please send me a cable....I need help!

  2. we all need help!...keep on truckin' mike!