Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well, I didn't have a drink today.
So what?
What else did I do?
Not much.
Did I bother to help someone?
I should have picked up a broom or a mop.
I might have been of service.
Did I whine, cry, or procrastinate?
Did I shoot arrows poisoned with venom?
Did I assasinate people, because of my derision?
I don't have the right to call my day successful,
just because I didn't pick up a drink or a drug.
Sobriety is a gift, but I must do so much more.
I need to get my ass in gear.
I must do something for humanity, every day.
Then my spirit may rise.


  1. You mean to say you had no caffeine either? I just bit into a glazed blueberry donut.....brother I'm flyin now! Herbal medicine is the best...however....everything in moderation! As the sweat beads on my forehead I wonder what will happen if I finish this thing? Oh come on, only one more little piece left! Should I or shouldn't I? No...I'll save it for later in the afternoon when I need that pick me up! Oh man....just took another bite! Somebody save me! And another bite....now sweat is dripping from eyes! There....ok only one more bite left???

  2. I love you Mike...You made the big time. You are in my next blog!