Monday, October 4, 2010


My mind is getting dusty.
Self-confidence is at an all time low.
I feel my subservience to powers greater than myself.
There is a turbulence, and violence in all of this.
There is no reverence anymore.
Benevolence has been replaced by malevolence.
I make my descent into Dante's hell.
My devilment is caused by discouragement.
I have been disenfranchised.
I won't be disobedient.
I have too much to lose.
My rebel mind has left me.
So called, "self-enlightenment", takes its place.
I no longer am an innocent.
My youth has been misspent.
The old man left is illcontent.
I know you're sick of my lament.
I should be more intelligent.
I must be quiet in my predicament.
But the wonderment is gone.

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