Monday, April 12, 2010


There comes a point in time, when everything that's left,
isn't enough.
Everything becomes meaningless.
Dark clouds proliferate.
Mind games become more and more trying.
Things are pointless.
Everything that needed saying has been said.
All the rest is superfluos bullshit.
A man gets to the point where he tells the world to:
"Take a bite of a leave me the fuck alone sandwich."
Shut up!...Go away!...Piss off!
Turn off the goddamned radio, the tv, stop the noise!
It's meaningless prattle from these machines.
I don't care anymore.
Let's sell the fucking house.
Let's buy a goddamned trailer and be trashy.
Gotta be in a warm climate.
Fuck the money.
Fuck the status.
All I need is a lawn chair and a beer.
I can watch the dirty tumbleweeds roll.
I can roll blunts, and welcome myself back home to:
drunkeness and psychedelia.
Throw in a little psychosis there, just for good measure.
I can sit in a non-air-conditioned, sweat-box of a tavern,
at ten-in-the-morning with a guy named Billy-Bob...
and a Navajo Indian who sniffs glue and goes by the name of:
The tavern will be aptly called: "Bottles and Cans".
I like it. Direct and to the point!
No bullshit!
All of this seems more honest.
Leave the city shit in the past.
I want to watch turtles doing it in the road.
I want to take bets on whether a sun-baked armadillo makes it across the road.

I want to hear about how many cowboys took on Sally-Ann after her shift at the Daisy Diner.
Who cares?
Not me.
Nobody cares...
except maybe Daisy and the cowboys.
Ennui, Anomie, Isolation, Fragmentation, Alienation, Existentialism, Fatalism.
They are all just words for the same thing.
They mean: "Life's a bitch".
Get used to it.
Make the best of it.
Race cockroaches in your dingy motel room.
Shoot nerf balls into the toy hoop in your office.
Tell your wife and mistress that you love them.
Give a hug to a "newbie" at an AA meeting.
Sooner or later he'll rip you off for a couple of hundred bucks, and disappear.
There's only one rule:
Don't put the gun in your mouth, today.
The lottery ticket you bought at the Convenience store may pay off.
It may be your big day tomorrow!
Yes, there's always tomorrow...
If you make it through the night.


  1. I certainly can relate far to well to your blog. Feeling that way right now. Another one that made me cry. Reminds me of that song by Sheryl Crow "All I want to do is have some fun". I like it real, I like the truth & the fact is life is a bitch & you have to make the most of it!! I'll be the one sitting next to you at the bar with a cig & bloody mary in my hand!!! love ya, Rich!! xxoo

  2. LOLOL....yeah, & I'll be the BEEEatch sitting next to YOU, Debbie....with 5 butts in my face & a few dead shots of te-kill-ya in front of me!!!! Life truly does suck sometimes.....but we always manage to "survive" those days & things always get better...
    Great read Rich xox