Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love bill caps.
I must have 30 of them.
I started wearing them when I was a kid.
I always curl the bills.
They look cooler that way.
It' ok to wear them backwards,
If your drivin' a Harley.
Never wear a bill cap sideways,
with a straight, flat bill.
You look like a "punk-ass",
if you wear 'em that way.
I always adopt 2 or 3 hats...
as my favorites.
The bills get worn out.
The caps get faded.
That's when I love 'em the best.
My favorite bill cap right now...
is the one I bought in Sturgis, South Dakota.
It advertises bike week.
It has motorcycle logos on it.
And a 'neato' pin I bought.
I also treasure my brother's U.S. Army bill cap.
A buddy of mine, gave me an airborne ranger pin,
to put on this cap.
I really treasure both the cap and the pin.
They signify pride and love for the men who served...
and for my brother Jim.
I wore bill caps for years when I ran heavy equipment.
They made me feel like a modern day cowboy.
I was ridin' an iron horse.
Caterpillar bulldozers, and endloaders.
They were my easy chairs for many years.
My wife wonders why I keep all my old bill caps.
I keep 'em in plastic bags.
She thinks I ought to give 'em
to the American Veterans.
Maybe I should, but I just can't part with 'em yet.
They are a part of my history.
When I look at each and every one of them...
I remember what I was doing when I wore 'em.
Throwing away these caps, would disrespect
what I have done in my life.
They remind me of the roads I built,
The buildings I erected with cranes,
The men I worked with,
The History of all our lives.
So, this silly man keeps on pretending,
like an 8 year old boy,
who pulls down the bill of his cap,
before he throws his first pitch.

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  1. That was really good!! Yes, boys like their bill caps! Each one tells a unique story. Let's here it for bill caps!