Sunday, April 18, 2010


i try seeking the best in us.
the well turned phrase.
the athlete who plays,
at the top of his game.
a wife who loves her husband,
in spite of his flaws.
the artist who continues to paint,
with no regard to criticism,
or monetary gain.

the best in us comes from insight.
it comes from hardship and disappointment.
the best can't be inherited.
it must be earned.
sometimes the least is the best.
wealth often tends to blur vision.

when a child gives a dandelion to his mother,
she experiences profound joy.
when a man can accept the "bluebird in his heart",
he frees himself from worldly restraints.
when all things in ones life, both good and bad,
can be accepted as they are...
then the best emerges.

for the best in us is humility.
the best in us is compassion.
the best in us is forgiveness.
the best in us is acceptance.
and last but not least,
the best in us is love for one another.

1 comment:

  1. So, lovely!! You always make my day!! Yes, acceptance is the greatest gift. There will always be change a brewing!! xxoo