Friday, April 23, 2010


I want to thank my union...
my brothers and sisters...
who continue the good fight.
these are desperate times in our country.
we need to stand up.
we need to be vigilante and be our own advocates.
we need to spread the word,
that we don't want scab companies in our state.
go back to texas, mississippi and wisconsin.
you made your own beds, now lie in it.
don't come here like vultures, looking for our work.
we will fight you, and win.
just like we have done in the past.
i want to thank Jim Sweeney, Dan Schrader, Kevin Flynn,
Brett Edwards, and all the other business agents, and
people I met at the Union Hall last night!
You are our future!
You made this old guy proud!
I am still proud to be a Local #150 man!
I am retired now, but...
I still keep up my card.
The money is well spent.
Spread the word...Stand up!
Wear your hats, jackets, and buttons.
We will prevail.
Truth and fairness always prevails in the end!


  1. I am proud to be an AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes it doesn't come soon enough or, seems like it never will but truth & fairness always do prevail!!

  2. had a swell time last night...the young guys there, treated me like an, this union is awesome!

  3. Call me a buzz kill, if you will, but like every other good thing that enlightened people created to secure justice and tranquility for people who are ordinarily deprived of it, the labor unions in the western nations have been corrupted. The union movement floundered until the vets returned from WWII. They were a generation with a shared experience, and they knew what it takes to win a fight. But in the moral morass of America, they did not hold that 'labor', earning a living bending your back, was a value. To them, it was a means to an end. They used their power to take as much for themselves and had no intention of leaving a growth economy for the next generation. They sent their own children to university to become degreed professionals, the new nobility.
    When they retired the real power of the labor movement whithered ahd died. The cost of manufacturing real products is much too expensive in the U.S. The stuff that we use, cars, washing machines, can openers, are made overseas. Here, the biggest export industry in the U.S. is entertainment. Movies and television that portray doctors and lawyers plying their trades with absolute competeance.
    That is not to say that American workers don't share some of the blame themselves. We have the most vorascious apitite for controlled substances on the planet. we like to brag how much we stand behind our military who are making the sacrifices to make our world a more orderly place, but everyone who smokes a little dope is paying for the bullets that are killing our soldiers.
    As a nation, we really got to cean up our act!

  4. When we quit making things in this country, back in the mid seventies...under that asshole Jimmie Carter...US steel shut down...the asshole Reagon deregulated the Airline Industry and fucked up the economy further...We started outsourcing...and the bottom line became big profits for the wealthy...The whole system will implode because of the greed of wallstreet, bankers, politicians, and do-gooders who tax the shit out of the hard working middle class (which includes the union people)...Unions are corrupt too!...but they take care of the last bastion of the middle class!...Dope?...look what that brave woman governor did in Arizona, and the liberals blast her for profiling, when all the drug addicts and gansters come in the States, and trample over ranchers land!...I'd rather go union!