Wednesday, April 21, 2010


which I is I?...
I need the truth.
am I the guy who want's to fly?
or am I wanting to die?
my mind soars to many places...
tenacious, I am.
sometimes outrageous.
which I is I?

Am I the I who reaches for the sky?
Or am I the I who tries to deny his humanity?
my struggle persists.
I try to desist.
the question remains.
the conundrum exists...
with no new twists.
just the monotony of this question,
which wears my soul down.

I am the clown,
the fool,
who drools on his pillow cases at night.
I awake and it begins again.
which I is I?
before I die, I must know...
for this paradox delivers a blow,
to the very core of my being.

the answer will come at last.
i'll try not to be aghast.
when i find the truth...
of which I is I?...
my fevered mind, will find peace.

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