Thursday, April 29, 2010


the more i think,
i must construe...
how much damn more,
i have to do!

i list one duty,
above all the rest...
to remove the angst,
from my pounding chest.

i feel relief, in a workman's way...
as i dispatch important priorities,
right away!
it is done...
i feel some relief...
until more of my dharma thoughts...
add to my grief.

i prioritize and act on these thoughts,
on all of my days...
i'm overtaxed, from my spartan ways.
i should "kick-back"...take a deep breath...
let things pile up.
i'd be lazy, happy, like a mindless schmuck!

but there's always something i have to do.
i'm a slave to my thoughts,
my needs, my "to-do's".

i guess this stress never goes away.
i must be duty-bound, from birth to the grave.
one thought gives me respite,
in spite of this rage.
i will leave something on earth,
to mark all of my days.
it may not be great,
it may not ring true,
but i did it for me.
i did it for you.

1 comment:

  1. I would do anything for you, too!! Yes, my lists can be overwhelming, but they sure keep me out of trouble. LOL