Thursday, April 15, 2010


i like those smoky mountains...
those dive southern bars.
tattered confederate flags...
pinned against the wall, along with redneck hopes.
bloody history
i was in mauldin south carolina
a stranger in a strange land
i stole that...
no matter.
i was a damn yankee
a union man
that'll get you killed down there...
if you brag about it in the wrong places.
i ran a dozer
in easley...a lazy town.
the owner of the dirt outfit was my friend bob.
he paid me union scale.
the rednecks were jealous.
but i had skills.
they couldnt deny it.
but, there's a work ethic down south.
the men are leather faced.
their hands are calloused.
there aint no quit in them.
they love the flag...God, apple pie,
and they have red necks, white socks,
and pabst blue ribbon beer...
(i stole that)
they love nascar, hunting, fishing, and baseball.
most of the working men i talked to down there...
hate the unions as much as their fundamentalist preachers,
they think the union is the downfall of America.
i guess they don't know much about the peabody mining co.
or harlan county in west virginia.
they never read "the jungle", by upton sinclair.
they don't know the history of the chicago stockyards.
or the haymarket riots.
to some of them, we union men are pinko commies.
some of them, south of the mason dixon line,
came up here for work in the late 40's.
they found a better life through the union.
today, we union men aint too popular up north.
you see today, the powers that be, want to control everything.
union is about middle class.
our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers,
fought and died for good working conditions.
we got a fair wage, for an honest days work.
when the unions go down the drain...
aint gonna be too many people to buy goods and services.
the whole damned capitalistic system is going to implode.
then we will exist in a slavery known as socialism.
the "haves" will have more...and we will have less.
this is why our forefathers left england.
they headed for america and australia.
they wanted: "TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION"!!!
we union men will stick together.
maybe we'll separate from socialist amerika.
maybe we'll start up a new democracy...
in montana, idaho, and wyoming...
we will be self sufficient...and protect ourselves...
because we are union men, and women.
don't laugh.
a storms a' brewin'.
it could happen.


  1. You have a way of always so perfectly putting in words my thoughts. I try to remain bipartisan at all times. There is always truth to both sides of a debate. I do feel strongly though the union is very much apart of the success of middle class lifestyle. A class I strived so hard to achieve growing up poor. I am middle class and I am proud of it. I feel a storms brewin, too! xxoo