Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The average life expectancy of the American male is 73 years. I am 61. I only have twelve fucking years left! This makes me nervous. How much time did I waste:

Cleaning toilets?...Worrying about shit that never happens?...Squeezing zits?
Talking to dis-interested females in bars?
Making confessions to sleeping, hungover priests?
Saying ten Our Father's, ten Hail Mary's, and ten Glory Be's?
Shoveling snow?...Raking leaves?...Watching mindless TV shows?
Sunbathing?...Shitting?...Urinating?...Washing cars?...Taking the garbage out?
Reading maintenance and instruction manuals?...Dusting?...
Waiting for water to boil?...Waiting in lines?...Surfing the Web?

Worrying about illness, death, bills, children, grandchildren, pets, insurance salesmen, impotence, sex, psychosis, alcoholism, drugs, women, psychiatrists, venereal diseases, politics, politicians, policemen, strange sounds, ringing in my ears, headaches, vertigo, depersonalization, castration, emascualtion, masturbation, socialization, constipation, exacerbation, lactation, variation, facial twitching, sleeping, not sleeping, eating, dreaming, ad infinitum?

Fuck it!...I'm sick of being negative. Maybe I'll live to be 83.


  1. That was exhuberating!!!! Reality is what it is and we just gotta keep rolling with it!! I promise if I go first I will write you from the other side and let you know how fucking cool it is!!! xxoo

  2. For an admirer of Charles Bukowski, your perception of the human condition is remarkably opposite of his. Also, you believe that there is a god. According to you he did one fucked up job of creating the world that we live in. If I ever find myself living in a reality so deprived of joy like the one I read described in your blog, I can only hope that I can find the means to end my consiousness of it as painlessly as possible.

  3. the blog ends on a positive note, Bernie...God didn't create a fucked up world...Our perceptions of it, is what makes it a fucked up place...or if we choose, a beautiful place...Read the blog again...Maybe you will understand, that I am an optimist...saying that I'm sick of being negative, maybe I'll live to be 83!...In other words..there is always hope!...Although I don't agree with your critique...I am thankful for it!

  4. @Bennie N, VERY interesting, I have read the SAME blog for months now and find it to be the opposite of what you have perceived.I visit Mr.Cronborg's site when, I need a lift, a laugh, an ironic look at lifes absurdity.If you would bring your sense of humor with you, next time, you may be pleasantly surprised by his generosity in every ones character and their situations.