Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm taxed, I'm regulated, I'm counted by the census, I'm tired. I worked 33 years as a union man...My "Cadillac" health insurance is in danger...So is my pension. We have a 28% unemployment rate, for the unions in the state of Illinois...We get energy credits, cash for clunkers, and all kinds of deals, but my union brothers don't even have the money to feed their families anymore...I know, because I am going to donate to a food bank today, at the Local Operating Engineers Union Hall, in Countryside Illinois this afternoon.

I am told that I need to stay within the realm of "political correctness", with my verbiage. Othewise I might be considered a raving, fringe type, lunatic. Extreme conservatives and liberals proliferate in the vast flotsam-and-jetsam of the American unknown. The FDA, which is one of the government's spidery fingers is threatening to reduce the salt and sugar in all of my foods. For me, this is the last straw! We already have low or no sodium products to choose from on the food counters. What will this new edict cost the food industry? I personally have the right to choose what I want to eat, don't you think?

I suppose the next step will be "SOYLENT GREEN", or the nationalization of the toilet paper industry. How far is this thing going to go, "for our own good"???
I don't want to bail out wallstreet, bankers and insurance companies any more. I surely don't want to add to the coffers of spurious politicians who appear regularly on Entertainment Tonight, and so called, "Reality" tv shows!

I don't want Spanish as a second language, and I have no use for illegal immigrants...THEY ARE ILLEGAL!!!...They come from all over the world! Legal immigrants wait in line a long time to become United States citizens...I welcome them with open arms...These are the people who want to learn about the U.S. Constitution, and serve this country, not rape it for its wealth.

It seems to me, that the "powers that be", have no trouble re-writing our Great Constitution on the National and State levels. These new laws, pander to partisan interests.

What's the matter with God, Country, and Apple Pie???
Here's what's the matter:

1. You can't mention God anymore in America!
2. America belongs to the world economic community now, not to the generations of Americans who built it!
3. There's too much sugar in apple pie!

There, I've said it!
I'm politically incorrect!
And you know what?...I feel a helluva lot better! Buy American, save the Unions, and lets take care of OUR OWN!


  1. They're going to reduce the salt & sugar in my foods? Now, I am pissed!!! LOL I here you, Rich I love what you wrote & I totally agree with you! God bless America it still is the greatest country I earth. My husband tells me that all the time. He is a legal immigrant and refused to take one dollar from our government when he arrived. He thanked them for letting him stay and said he would make his own way! He sure did, Rich!! love ya!!!

  2. ooops I meant.....Greatest Country on Earth!!!!!!

  3. agreed with all you said dear Debbie!...Gotta love that Johnny!