Monday, April 19, 2010


she was a rich girl.
born into old money.
she barely graduated from high school.
she thought it "funny" to go to college,
but daddy fixed things.
she failed miserably..."who cares?", she thought.
she had too many flings.
but she tried.

next, she entered the world of volunteer work.
she gave it her proxy.
she denied all the work.
she didn't take action.
she lacked the moxie.
but she claimed: "I tried".

she married and divorced.
over and over again.
she never had children.
no family or friends.
she schemed and lied.
the wife and the mom thing...
just up and died.
but she tried.

she knew all the movers and shakers,
the actors, the phonys, the famous film makers.
she failed as an artist, an actress, a muse.
half-heartedly, she tried everything.
she had nothing to lose.
she got the blues.
but she tried.

the years slowly passed.
she traveled and partied.
not with much effort,
she was always regarded,
as somwhat retarded.
but she claimed: "I tried."

Age creeping up,
she tried botox injections.
famous salons, the latest inceptions,
of the healing arts, to no avail.
she grew lonely tired, old, and unwanted,
but she tried.

while on her death bed...
she pondered her life...
she had much of everything...
no real pain or strife.
but something was missing!
something not right.
she dispelled these unpleasant thoughts,
with all of her might.
after all, she tried.

she passed away...
in the finest conditions.
No one was there to deny her suspicions,
her feelings of ennui, loss, and regret,
were planted in her consciousness,
'til her last gasping breath.
her funeral was sparse.
few people showed up.
she never committed.
she never stood up,
but she tried.


  1. Maybe she should have tried a little harder! I do feel if you work hard for something you value it more. So, sad!