Friday, April 23, 2010


do you dig the bop, on the re-bop, pop?
yah gotta'!
be cool!
be a "scat-man", like Scatman Carruthers.
lay your lines down.
so dig!
you need a rig.
you need dat turntable shit.
get that equalizer and that panel with all the slides.
you won't know what the fuck ya'll be doin'...
but you'll look bad as hell, dawg!
and the chicks!
fella, do yah feel me?
start lookin' for a name, for yourself.
you can't be no DJ or rapper,
without a name.
how 'bout "Chillaxo"?
naw, that ain't fly.
I know!
yeah, dig it!
now start callin' the Clubs.
tell 'em you'll pack the house!
dem club jocks get "chops" for fillin' the House!
we'll print some flyers and put one on every post,
in the hood.
you'll be famous, dadio!
let's get things humpin' wit dis right now!
what you say?
you ain't got no money for flyers?
you ain't got no soundboard, no amplifiers, no turntable?
you been dissin' me with bullshit?
aw, man...why you been wastin' my precious time?
you a fool, man!
so, what do you want to do now?
i hear there's some smokin' bitches givin' a fashion show,
at Leroy's tap room this evenin'!
oh yeah, i hear yah.
i'm broke, too!
maybe we can shoot some hoops.
say what?
how'd yah lose your basketball?
sheet man!
you be a fuckin' looser!
i'm outta here!
i need to cruise to mah man, eddie's house.
now dat man has it goin' on!
plus, he has one fine lookin' sister!
dig yah on the re-bop, pop!
later, man!


  1. I like looking bad as hell! dig yah on the re-bop, pop! xxoo