Sunday, April 25, 2010


i'm in love with debbie.
my wife, my love.
30 years we have shared.
half of our lives.
through good and bad,
we have survived.
we were so young...
skin supple,
the passions raged.
so much in love...
we celebrated our youth together.
now there is sagging skin,
stiff legged walks,
where we hold hands,
and smile at each other.
now is the best.
now all is clear.
we gave life to a child.
she is a miracle.
we are so proud.
i want to suck in all the life,
that is out there.
i want to celebrate that life,
with my sweet wife.
for all the years to come.
happy anniversary,
my love,
my life,
my wife,
my friend,
my debbie.

1 comment:

  1. I love Debbie and never met her!!! Such beautiful words for a lovely woman!! Happy Anniversary Richard & Debbie!! I wish you another 30 more!!!!! xxoo