Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There's and old saying popular to recovering Alcoholics: "One drink is too many, and a thousand isn't enough!" Being a recovering alcoholic myself, I can totally vouch for this statement. I always tell people I meet, that I drank enough Scotch for three lifetimes. By the grace of the 'Great Spirit' in the sky, I will not put a cocktail to my lips until I am 80 years old! My wife promised me that if I make it to this august age, I will be allowed by her, to resume my drinking career. I think she holds all the cards in this bet! Given my various health problems, neither of us think that I'm going to make it! But, you never know...I might fool her!

I'm going to the gym every day in order to reverse the damaged that I have done to myself, in my youth. I have a lot of reversing to do. It's strange that I am writing this chapter on St. Patrick's day. It's 70 degrees outside! It's a beautiful day! Here I am in my dark basement, drinking a sports drink and not thinking about the tavern. I have to keep the 'creature' of alcohol at bay!

Anyway, I'm hoping to win the bet! I can taste that 25-year-old, single malt scotch right now! Hey, if you're going 'back out there', you might as well do it in style!

Of course, I'm pulling your leg. I cannot drink anymore. Hoisting a cocktail to my lips is certain death for me, and I like living too much! I certainly don't miss the hangovers I used to get. They got progressively worse as my alcoholism progressed. The body doesn't process alcohol too well after a 35 year drinking career. At the age of 53, I gave up all the foolishness!

I sat with some friends of mine last night who are recovering drunks, and they presented me with a little list that I thought was pretty funny. I promised my sober friends that I would put it in this book. Here is that list in all its' glory:


1. Monday
2. Tuesday
3. Wednesday
4. Thursday
5. Friday
6. Saturday
7. Sunday

I laughed heartily, when I saw this list. How true! I always had an excuse to drink every day of the week. By the Grace of God, if I am still alive on May 9th, of 2009, I will be celebrating 6 years of sobriety. Miracles in my life never cease! This old south side boy, is sure grateful to be clean and sober! (Today is March 24th, 2010, I look forward to 7 years on May 9th! I will have 7 years, God willing! Amazing how time flies, one day at a time!...Thank you God!


  1. One day at a time! May 9th will live in my mind forever as the best day in my life!!!!! I know you will be around when you're 80! We have too much to see, too much to do and you have way to much to write and paint about! xxoo

  2. I hope I am still here too Debbie!...As long as I can still run a sub 3 hour marathon at 80, I guess I'll stick around!!